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we need to know about your company’s existing debts in order to give you an accurate cash flow decision. Business debts include term loans, equipment leases, business credit cards (in the same of the business), lines of credit, leases, or any other business debts

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Profit & Lost Statement

To evalte how bussiness is doing so far this year, we will analyze your Profile & Loss Statement, also called an Income Statement. The Profile & Loss Statement Provides a snapshot of your business's revenues and expenses since your last tax filing.

Upload Profit & Loss Statement for Statement

To evaluate how your business is doing so far this year, we will analyze a Profit & Loss Statement, also called an income Statement. The Profit Statement gives a sanpshot of your business financial performance since your most recent tax filing

Upload Your Balance Statement

We need a summery of your business's assets and liabilities since the most recent tax filing. The easiest way to do this is to run a Balance Sheet report in your accounting software.

Upload Balance Sheet as of September 30,2022

please make sure the Balance Sheet information is current as of: september 30,2022