$5 million

Factoring Lines up to

0.25%per week

Rates as low as

24 hours

Approvals as fast as


Technically, invoice factoring is not a loan. Rather, you sell your invoices at a discount to a factoring company in exchange for a lump sum of cash. The factoring company then owns the invoices and gets paid when it collects from your customers, typically in 30 to 90 days.

Let’s say you own a hardware store and sell goods to another business, creating a $10,000 invoice. Your customer agrees to pay off its invoice in 30 days, but you need the cash next week to pay your employees. You’ve got a cash shortfall.

You could turn to a traditional bank for a loan, but it likely would require stellar personal credit plus collateral, a physical asset such as

real estate that the funder could sell if you default. Or maybe you qualify but can’t wait several months for the loan to close.

So you turn to an invoice factoring company, and it agrees to buy your invoice for $9,700 in cash — $10,000 minus a 3% factoring fee ($300). The invoice factoring company advances 85% of the invoice (or $8,245) within a few days. The factoring company then collects the invoice when it’s due and provides the remaining balance owed to you ($1,455).

Get larger credit limits

Get a credit line based on he strength of your customers. As your sales grow,so can your credit limit.

Free up your cash

Unlike a traditional loan,there are no recurring payments when your customers pays by the invoice due date

Fund only what you want

You decide how many and which invoices to submit.Fund only what you need,when you

Transparent fees

Know exactly what you're paying with ourstraightfoward fees.We charge a simple weekly fee due when the invoice is paid.

Fast funding

Apply online in minutes Get approved in as fast as 24 hours Upload invoices online and get funds in your account in as fast as hours 3

Simple to use

Submit invoices easily through our online dashboard Integrates with popular accounting software like Quick Books Simple fee due when the invoice is paid

Flexible by design

'Spot Factoring': Pick and choose which invoices to advance No long-term contracts or minimums


Minimum qualifications

  • 530+ FICO
  • 3+ months in business
  • $100,000 in revenue

Get cash upfront. Your customer pays back later.


Submit an invoice and receive up to 90% of the invoice value in as fast as hours, and then get the remainder, less fees due, when the invoice is paid. 

Submit your unpaid invoice

Get an advance in as fast as hours'

Get the remainder once customer pays