What is Equipment Financing?

Equipment financing helps you finance up to 100% of the new or used equipment you need for your business. Applying for an equipment loan is typically a fast and easy way to finance the purchase of most types of equipment—computers, machinery, vehicles, or whatever else you need.

Maximum Loan Amount

Up to 100% of equipment Expected life of value

Loan Term

Terms 2-5 Years Monthly Payment

Interest Rates

Interest Rates Start at 7.25%


As fast as 2 days

Business Information

Financing Information

Equipment Information

Who Qualifies for Equipment Financing?

As it turns out, most businesses can qualify for equipment financing loans.

How much you qualify for—and the interest rate you’ll pay—depends on the value of that equipment, your business’s financial history, and your credit score.

Equipment financing can be a great option if your credit rating is less than perfect, too, since the equipment acts as collateral.

In fact, equipment funders are just as concerned with what’s securing their loan as with your borrowing history. So, if you’re planning on investing in a high-value (and value-retaining) piece of equipment with your small business equipment loan, then equipment funders might be willing to work with you, even if your finances aren’t pristine.