Cross Collateral Loan

Cross Collateral Loan Requirements

* Consolidation of multiple cash advances due to Singh’s Capital Group zero net requirement policy. Singh’s Capital Group will never require paying off any MCA’s!

* Clients seeking more capital than they would typically qualify for with a merchant cash advance (Up to 3x your gross monthly revenue!)

* NSFs, negative days, low daily/ending balances, and even defaults/amended payments to other funders are NOT deal breakers for Singh’s Capital Group.

Singh’s Capital Group Product in a NUTSHELL!

Singh’s Capital Group lends up to 3x the gross monthly revenue (Deposits) not to exceed Loan To Value (LTV) or Combined Loan To Value (CLTV) in the subject property(s).


Subject Collateral: A $600,000 valued residential property with a 1st mortgage of 225k 

At 70% CLTV, this example leaves room for a 195k loan with Singhs Capital Group.

How is this calculated? See here: 70% of 600k = 420k. We then subtract the 225k 1st mortgage which leaves 195k in lendable equity!

In this example, the business would need to be generating 65k a month in deposits to qualify for the full 195k. That’s it! It’s that simple!

Loan Details:

* Minimum loan amount: $50,000 (Will do less than 50k on a case by case basis)

* Maximum loan amount: $3,000,000

* 6-36 month loan options (Average loan term is roughly 14 months)

* 5-7 business days for funding residential real estate backed deals

* 7-10 business days for funding commercial real estate backed deals



* Completed application

* Past 6 months of business bank statements

* Completed Real Estate Schedule